Zach Smith - University Courses

From 2016-2020 I helped in teaching courses at the University of Luxembourg. I contributed to the following courses:

The first two courses were taught at the Bachelor’s level, the second two at the Master’s level.

Along with the standard fare of PhD students - producing examples and exercise sheets, writing and grading exams, I also lead multiple classes across these courses.

A particular favourite was the Introduction to IT Security course, which looked at different topics across the broad domain of security. Each week I prepared a 20-30 minute example of the relevance of the topics discussed in class to the field. This included visualisations of how cryptography works, examples of generative adversarial models in machine learning, and how to use a password cracker.

During my time at Imperial College London for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, I also made effort to work with to my fellow students. I helped produce a set of LaTeXed notes for the excellent Group Representation Theory course taught by Ed Segal. The notes are available here.