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This is the home page of Zach Smith.

Currently I work as a Security Architect for Zortify, an AI startup in Luxembourg.

Before this, I completed my PhD at the University of Luxembourg. My research focused on the application of Formal Methods to cybersecurity. By creating mathematical models of real-world communication protocols (such as RFID or Internet messaging), we can analyse their security. More on research.

I have taken part in several programming projects in the past, some of which ended up being quite successful. I’m a big fan of game design as a way for honing my programming - you get to wear many hats, pick up artistic skills and have fun with the result! I mostly work in modifying or extending existing games - either by using supported modding tools or using more creative methods. More on programming.

One of my favourite things about working in the academic world was the teaching. As well as spending a short time working as a private teacher in Korea, I have contributed to teaching at the University of Luxembourg through both lecturing running classes. More on teaching.

If you want to contact me, you can email me using zach (at) (this website).